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Comments posted by:, January 30th, 2013, 2:17 pm
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- Cole hurry your sweet ass up would you!!!!! Don't let nik die he's to gorgeous to die....soooo SAVE HIM!!! NOW!!!!!

rinray12, January 30th, 2013, 2:41 pm
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DON'T DIE NIKOLAI! - Nikolai just hang on only like 7 more pages till Cole come and can hopefully heal you and Mikhail. And Oh god it's absolutely heart wrenching to see Nikolai lying on Mikhails lap in a puddle of his own(Nikolai's)blood being told he's probably going to die along with Mikhail. And this wouldn't be happening if SOME PEOPLE would actually freaking help and maybe even heal them. The 5 of them put together should be able to hold of Chester till Cole get here right... And I have a feeling Mikhail's going to start using Nikolai's energy to fight now for some reason. Mikhail looks so upset and pissed about this situation. It has to hurt knowing your lover is on the sidelines watching this happen to you and not doing anything to help you. And look at Mikhails animal bear thing, it looks sad, and exhausted and pretty darn beaten up.

Mechanicalpenguin, January 30th, 2013, 3:01 pm
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- Yeah! He is taking forever to get there. Probably because the sun is out!

Mechanicalpenguin, January 30th, 2013, 3:04 pm
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- @rinray12: Cole will show up soon. =D Lets see if he helps the situation at all... Haha.

Ambroz, Habel, and Jinx don't want to ruin their positions in this mage council. Killing or attacking one of the elders can really sour your relationship with the mages...

Mikhail is pretty used to how Habel is. And he never expects Ambroz or Jinx to do anything. xD

He's mostly crossing his fingers, hoping Cole shows up.

hushsee, January 30th, 2013, 7:38 pm
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- Nikky!!!

You are bleeding so much... so much blood... :(

Mechanicalpenguin, January 30th, 2013, 8:33 pm
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- @hushsee: =( Yeah... That isn't a good thing.

AsianIdiot16, January 31st, 2013, 12:02 am
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- that blood's pouring fast!!

Mechanicalpenguin, January 31st, 2013, 12:04 am
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- @AsianIdiot16: Yeah. >.< I didn't do so good in the animation for this page. But it was supposed to be at least a little dramatic and unrealistic.

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